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Summer Semester 2019


Avoiding Blind Spots

Two new CAS Research Focuses, entitled "Democracy in Crisis" and "Global Dis/Connections" will both address the relationship between social structures and traditional patterns of scientific analysis. What has made democracy, which until recently seemed to be the only viable form of government, so prone to disruption? Are network structures indeed the most appropriate heuristic framework for analyzing global action? Each of these blind spots will be addressed in its own way.

Research Focuses

Systems: Micro and Macro

The CAS Research Focus "Microbiome" (spokespersons: Martha Merrow, Erika von Mutius) is investigating the importance of microorganisms for all life. This summer, the focus will shift to include the cosmos of plants.
From the global perspective, the world appears as a picture puzzle: everything is either interconnected or radically separated. This heuristic contrast is also the subject of the new CAS Research Focus "Dis/Connections" (spokesperson: Roland Wenzlhuemer), which will hold a conference in cooperation with Cambridge University.
Under the highly topical title "Democracy in Crisis" (spokespersons: Florian Englmaier, Christoph Knill, Uwe Sunde), a group consisting of economists, political scientists and jurists has formed to investigate the conditions and mechanisms of the crisis.

11 and 12 July 2019
Workshop Plant Microbiomes

17 and 18 September 2019
Conference Migration, Movement, Waiting: On Tensions between Progress and Stagnation

Lecture Series

Global Health

The term "global health" has, in recent times, increasingly served to denote the global political dimension of medical questions. The lecture series taken from the CAS Research Focus of the same name (spokespersons: Peter Falkai, Katja Radon, Matthias Siebeck) will attempt to analyze more precisely this heterogeneous field of research on the basis of its historical structures and socio-political concepts. Lectures will be held by the Professor of Health and Social Care Lesley Doyal (Bristol), the medical historian Mark Harrison (Oxford), the Professor of Global Public Health Devi Sridhar (Edinburgh) and the sociologist Imme Scholz (German Institute of Development Policy).

Click here for the overview of all events in the summer semester.

CAS Showcase

Paradigm Shift

The CAS Showcase will examine those disciplines in particular that have experienced a significant shift in methods over recent years.

25 June 2019, 6.30 p.m.
Evening Lecture: Prof. Dr. Roland Wenzlhuemer (LMU) CAS Showcase: Global History

Research Groups

critical phase

In the summer semester, the work of the two CAS Research Groups will enter the critical phase. At their conference, the group led by Donald B. Dingwell (volcanology, "Magma to Tephra: Ash in the Earth System") will debate the significance of volcanic ash for the Earth system. Bernhard Zangl's group (political science, "Power Shifts and Institutional Change in International Institutions") will intensely address negotiations in international institutions.

9 and 10 May 2019

Workshop Volcanic Ash in the Earth System: Generation, Dispersal, Consequences

27 and 28 June 2019
Workshop International Institutions in an Age of Global Power Shifts: Negotiating Change

Junior Researcher in Residence

International Invitations

LMU postdocs will use their semester at CAS to invite international visiting fellows to Munich. The musicologist Magdalena Zorn will hold a workshop with Brian Kane (Yale) on the subject of "Acousmatic Sound". Upon invitation from Neil Dewar (philosophy), James Read (Oxford) will be visiting to work with him on "Equivalence". Martin Heidebach (Law) will debate the territorial range of administrative action in the federal state with Robert St. Martin Westley (Tulane). Simon Pröll (linguistics) will hold a workshop with Martin Pfeiffer (Freiburg) on the use of performance data.

23 May 2019
Workshop Acousmatic Sound. Separating Eye and Ear in Music History

14 June 2019
Workshop Transnationales Verwaltungshandeln innerhalb der Europäischen Union

8 and 9 July 2019
Workshop Neue Daten für alte Probleme. Von Performanzerscheinungen zu Kompetenzsystemen

Young Center

Archaeology of the Invisible

Participants of the conference led by the archaeologist Simone Mühl will address the topic of involuntary migration in ancient societies.
At the symposium held by the medical scientist Inga Katharina Koerte, scholars conducting fundamental research will discuss the various aspects of traumatic brain injury with clinicians and jurists.

3 and 4 June 2019
Workshop Archaeology of the Invisible: Forced Migration and Modeling in the Ancient Near East and Beyond

15 and 16 July 2019
Workshop Traumatic Brain Injury

Visiting Fellows

Fellows at the Center

In the summer semester, more than 30 fellows will cooperate with LMU scholars at CAS. These include the theatre scholar Patrick Ebewo (Pretoria), who will conduct research in cooperation with Christopher Balme (LMU) on mechanisms of global theater; the mathematician Christina Goldschmidt (Oxford), who has been invited by Markus Heydenreich (LMU) to analyze "Random Walks"; and the biochemists Shimon Weiss (UCLA) and Eitan Lerner (Jerusalem), who will work with Thorben Cordes (LMU) on a new technology for parallelized measurement of conformation conditions of proteins.

Art at CAS

Levis’ Watercolors

Seemingly influenced by the Pop Art tradition, the exhibition "Aquarelle/Watercolors" by the artist Petra Levis displays a number of oversized foodstuffs. In contrast to Pop Art, however, it is not the consumption or the reproducibility of the wares that fascinates the artist about her objects, but rather the staging of their sublimity.

30 April 2019, 7 p.m.

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